We rent forklifts, aerial lifts or boom lifts, and other industrial equipment.
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What we rent:
  • Electric forklifts: Clean, quiet operation. Rental truck includes battery and charger.
  • Cushion tire LPG forklifts: Best for indoor applications. Units available up to 30,000 lb. capacity.
  • Extendable counterweight trucks: Perfect for riggers and machinery movers. The extendable counterweight frame provides stability at full capacity and extended load centers, yet is compact enough for maneuvering in confined areas. Stackable counterweights and a removable hydraulic boom with collapsible boom stand allow for ease of transport. Capacity 40,000 – 60,000 lb.
  • Pneumatic tire forklifts: Best for operating outdoor or on uneven surfaces. These are available in LPG or diesel. Lifting capacities up to 36,000 lb.
  • Warehouse trucks: Order pickers and reach trucks. Please provide lift height requirements and if charger is needed.
  • Forklift attachments: Most of our rental lift trucks have a sideshift. Let us know if you need a specialty attachment such as a roll or box clamp and we’ll do our best to find this for you.
  • Pallet jacks: Walkies and walkie-rider pallet trucks.
  • Aerial lifts: Platform scissor lifts.
  • Telescopic booms, articulating booms and towable boom lifts.
  • Manitou telehandlers up to 6,000 lb. capacity.

Rental periods: We rent by the day, week, or month. Long term and rent to own options are also available.

Rental equipment maintenance: Normal maintenance and repair, excluding abuse, is included in the rental rate. Customer is responsible for watering the battery on electric equipment rentals, and refilling LPG tanks.

Delivery: We deliver and pickup to your business. Please let us know if you have a loading dock or if we need to deliver to a ground entrance.

Important questions: When you call, we will want to know a little about the environment the equipment will be working in so that we find the rental equipment best suited for your application. Questions we may ask include:

  • How much weight does the forklift need to lift?
  • What are your typical pallet sizes? Any long or non-typical loads?
  • Do you operate the forklift inside or outside?
  • How high do you need to lift the loads?
  • About how many hours will you operate the equipment in a day? One or two shifts?
  • Do you need to unload trailers with the forklift?
  • Are there any other low overhead obstructions the forklift must go under?
  • For reach trucks and order pickers, what is the smallest aisle width the equipment needs to work in?
  • For electric forklift and warehouse equipment users, what voltage do you require?

We make renting easy!

Call our friendly staff who will find the right equipment for your business.

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